Wrestling Prayer by Eric and Leslie Ludy

Eric and Leslie Ludy’s book Wrestling Prayer is actually rekindling a flame of fire in my heart to pray fervently. Eric brings the Old Testament warriors to life and demonstrates how we should be fighting a spiritual warfare for our King as they fought a physical warfare for their King.

“Note: A critical thing for each of us to know and understand is that the ancient tales of valor, sacrifice, redemption, and victory in the Old Testament that played out upon the physical earth with physical wars and physical swords and shields now plays out upon the spiritual inner terrain of the human heart, with spiritual wars and spiritual swords and shields. In the Old Testament it was a physical kingdom, in the New Testament it is an invitation into an inner kingdom, a human temple.”

This book will convict you and light a fire in your heart and a desire to be one of God’s “Mighties”. It reaches down into the very depths of your being and asks:

“When you woke up this morning, did you think of your day as belonging to you, or Him? Did you live as if your time and decisions were your own, or His? Did you allow the distractions and allurements of the world to turn your head, to occupy your thoughts, or to dictate your choices? Or was he your sole pursuit? How did you spend your free time? Doing what you felt like doing? Or pouring out your life for Him?”

If you’re tired of defeat and ready for a victorious prayer life, this book will inspire you , motivate you and give you new hope.