Multitude Monday

holy experience

It’s Monday once again. If we had no days of the week, life would go on in a straight line like a long endless road, but the way it is, life goes in circles, over and over, like a wagon wheel going round and round, yet getting a little further on all the time. Have you ever thought about this concept of time? But God made it so, He was the one who ordained the seven days of our week…

After beginning my post of the 1,000 gifts to be thankful for last Monday evening, I woke up Tuesday morning, as promised by the precious sister who started this blog activity, joyfully thinking of how thankful I was for everything. Laundry has always been my job. My children will tell you that Mom likes to go back into the laundry room and start her day…so the first thing I was thankful for was…

31 my washing machine! I’ve done almost 5 loads of laundry a day for many, many years : )
32 my dryer
33 loads of laundry that clothe my loved ones and get dirty as they go about their daily activities
34 the health we have that makes those activities possible
35 sickness – that quiets us – gives us appreciation for health and draws us closer to God
36 fresh ground coffee beans
37 my morning cup of coffee
38 quiet times with the Word

In our house we always (almost always) have Bible in the morning together before everyone goes off in different directions. I then go to my room, take out my Bible and devotionals, my cup of coffee and begin my favorite part of my morning alone with my Savior. This special Tuesday morning I heard from my prayer closet …

39 the voice of my husband speaking Truth to his children when we rise up in the morning
40 the Holy Spirit turning the hearts of the father to the children and the children to the father
41 my dear husband
42 his incredible love for me
43 the Love of the Most High
44 the Cross – the sacrifice that cleanses us from sin
45 the Resurrection – our lives are hid with Him
46 a new life – a Christ Life
47 hugs
48 devotionals – written by wise men and women who have passed their wisdom down to us

It got really cold here in last week. Here in the South we’ve never had snow on the ground for 3 weeks. It’s usually gone by the second day.Temperatures have been below freezing at night for many days in a row and our electricity went out…
49 electricity
50 how quiet it is when the electricity is off
51 grilled cheese sandwiches
52 lettuce and dwarf bok choy still in the green house in January even without heat

53 brisk winds sweeping down the plains
54 the frigid weather – revealing the truth about global-warming 😀
55 Our Father’s laugh
56 His Divine Protection
57 Angels round about us
58 morning Bible studies with the family – our cave of Adullum

Landscape with David at the Cave of Adullum by Claude 1658

59 artists who share their talents in painting and photography
60 men of old who share their wisdom in books
61 hymn writers
62 beautiful voices singing praises
63 finding what you are seeking
64 The Holy Scriptures