Multitude Monday

Last week my thankful for a 1,000 gifts post ended in tears as memories flooded through my mind of Papa, who passed away that very night…

I later realized that I have counted grandparents twice, but aren’t there always two, or actually four, or in some cases more…

holy experience

So, I think I left off at 69…

70 harbors ~ safe harbors
71 light houses~found this lighthouse when researching Crescent City for the Naylor Lake book…

72 legacies that men and women leave with their descendants of full lives lived
73 stories of heroes with courage
74 family
75 roots
76 our citizenship in heaven
77 Christians praising in the midst of tragedy…
I was so moved to see a news clip of people in Haiti lifting their hands and singing praises in the midst of the destruction from the earthquake.
78 help in time of trouble-people willing to help no matter what the cost
79 videos that show what is going on in other parts of the world
80 cameras ~ what an incredible invention
81 medical supplies
82 doctors
83 nurses
84 missionaries
85 equipment to dig and move
86 orphanages ~this is true religion to take care of the fatherless
87 hospitals
88 ministers
89 prayers of the saints
90 sunrise and…
91 sunsets
92 Canadian geese

Yesterday, while on my walk at the lake, I saw flocks of geese everywhere. I noticed that there were five baby geese in one group that was sheltered in a small cove on one end of the lake. When a fisherman drove up in his truck and cast out his line ~the adult geese were frightened and flew off squawking, leaving the babies to fend for themselves. Later as we walked by this area again, the babies were nowhere to be seen… the fisherman had left .Three geese came flying by, honking and what do you know, out of hiding came these five babies swimming out into the water to show themselves to their parents. But, once again the parents flew away as another intruder ~this time a fishing boat~ came upon the scene. We didn’t stay long enough to see if the babies were reunited with their parents …I sure hope they were…

93 owls hooting outside my window
94 beautiful bluebirds flitting from branch to branch
95 bright red cardinals, especially when there is snow on the ground
96 the hawk I saw in a front yard waiting patiently for what?
97 mourning doves
98 trying to make it to 100…bluejays
99 bird’s nests
100 my grown sons running around the house…laughing and snapping dish towels at each other : )

I made it to 100, only 900 to go… : )

Lighthouse photo by Crystal Geese photo by me