Multitude Monday

holy experience
Last Monday I was so sick I spent the whole day going in and out of sleep, but I tried in my conscious moments to think of how I could be thankful in the midst of sickness and pain…

101 a roof over me – I thought a lot about the suffering people in Haiti without a home.
102 my bathroom – no explanation needed : )
103 my own bed – that I could hardly get out of for two days

When you’re that sick it is so nice to be in your own bed and in your own house!

104 water – it tastes sooooo good when you are thirsty
Water comes in so many wonderful forms…

105 ice
106 snow
107 snowflakes – how incredible these intricately formed crystals
108 oceans
109 waves

110 sand
111 little streams
112 big rivers
113 rain
114 icicles

115 glass – beautiful hues of brilliant translucent colors
116 eye glasses
117 magnifying glass
118 spiritual eyes to see
119 hot showers
120 soap
121 creams for our dry skin
122 humidity
123 fog
124 ponds
125 waterfalls

126 reflections in the water
127 boats
128 misty mornings
129 steam rising
130 clouds

131 my daughter – in –law

Her birthday is on Valentine’s Day, so I always think of hearts when I think of her. This year I found this beautiful little book full of rock hearts…

She wrote the funniest story about her and Sophie, my grand-daughter,that I am going to share here. Everyone needs a good laugh…

“After a fun filled visit to Walt Disney Animal Kingdom in Florida, miss Sophie became enamored of hippos, clutching her hippo pet to her and taking him everywhere she could. Once we had returned home and life was back to normal, I noticed the hippo not being played with very much and life turning back to computers and Wii!

One day a few weeks later, I was attempting to be a fabulous parent and discourage my child from playing yet another game on the Wii. I encouraged her to come and watch a show on the animal channel about hippos. (I know, I know, trading computer graphics for television – great parenting move…) Anyway, we sat down to watch this great show with the adorable baby hippo.

We were mesmerized by the cute baby and we smiled together as the baby played with the mommie, we giggled, how cute they were. We watched baby swim independently for the first time…so cool…we shifted in our seats a bit uncomfortably as a big crocodile approached and circled. I reassured the nervous Sophie that all was good, no problem. Then, with a sudden lurch – the big bad crock eats, yes EATS the baby hippo. My child grabbed her stuffed pal and ran screaming from the room, right to the arms of Daddy (still playing Wii in the other room of course).

Whatever happened to the non-reality based Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom of the 70’s? Has reality TV so overtaken our lives that Nature has to actually be REAL now………”

132 hearts
133 rocks of all shapes and sizes
134 giggles
135 hippos 🙂

A very nice book by Josie Iselin

photos by Jeremy heart stone photo by Josie