Thankfulness~1000 Gifts

A friend brought a huge box of Delicious apples over last week and were they DELICIOUS!
153 Apples
154 Apple pie
155 Recipes passed down through the generations
156 Perfect pie crust as only Tera can do…

And it has to be served with …
157 Vanilla ice cream
158 Bread boards
159 Rolling pins
160 Glass pie pans
161 Cinnamon sticks

162 Vanilla beans
I found out some very interesting things about vanilla beans…
Here they are green…

They are carefully laid out on straw mats to dry in the sun…

And there is a vanilla orchid…

164 Orchids…my mom grows the most beautiful orchids…
And the recipe for apple pie came from my mom. : )

I heard my sons piling more firewood on the porch this morning…
165 Firewood
166 Neatly stacked ricks

Sitting with my family around our dining room table after a wonderful meal of chicken enchiladas, I asked what everyone was thankful for:

John has laser tag on his mind in a couple of weeks…
167 Laser Tag
168 Enchiladas
169 Chicken
170 Friends that are techier then I am and don’t mind questions ~ Sage
Rain, mud, and freezing cold weather ~Anna’s being sarcastic …she had a really hard day at work today
171 Powdered sugar, donuts and hot chocolate…John
172 Gathering together…Tera
173 John’s thankful for Caleb
174 Caleb’s thankful for John…they are trying to be nice to each other
175 Double mochas…Caleb
176 Nighttime…Sarah
177 Sideburns…Caleb ; )
178 My nose…John
179 My ears…Caleb
180 Fingersleeves …Caleb…now who can guess what this is?

OK, that’s enough for tonight… 🙂

181 Smiley faces