Gratitude~1000 Gifts

holy experience

182 Love

Today we have known each other for 29 years…

183 Memories

184 A strong manly man standing in the back of the church arms folded in front of him…

185 Flannel shirt

186 First impressions

187 Appointments by God…not known by us…but touched by His Hand

188 Being beautiful to someone

189 Being loved by someone


190 Pouring out love to children

191 Each new birth…a miracle of creation

192 Tiny soft fingers clutching big rough hands

193 Holding hands

194 A tender look

195 A warm embrace

196 Cuddling

197 A smile

198 Kind words

199 Family

200 Sons

201 Daughters

202 Brothers

203 Sisters

204 Cousins

205 Phone calls from dear friends wanting to come by for a visit

206 Shoulders to cry on

207 Someone to share griefs and joys with

208 Daughters volunteering their time to help little ones read and ride

209 Sons volunteering their time to coach volleyball

210 Daughters doing all the shopping for the week

211 Happy girl voices talking about trips and treks and what to wear and how tos

212 Busy daughters working on videos and interior design

213 Going out to eat with my love…:)

214 Love giving love giving love giving love forever

215 “And the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13 ❤