Being Thankful ~ Monday Blues

I’ve been trying to compile the songs we have written into a hymnal, and the first one is Sarah’s song Another Chance about a vine dresser going into the vineyard to prune the vines. He sees a branch that is withered and just as he is about to cut it off ~

‘I pulled out my shears and picked the branch up from the ground

When I felt Someone standing by my side

He took the vine with His nail-scarred hands and held it up

With tears He quietly looked into My eyes,

“Just one more chance; Please don’t give up so soon.

Just one last chance; I want this vine to give me precious fruit…”

So he does not prune the branch , he gives it another chance. That’s what forgiveness does. It gives us another chance; a fresh start.

251 Forgiveness

252 Fresh starts

253 Another chance

254 Vineyards

255 Grapes

256 Grape Juice

257 Wine

Look what I found when searching for pictures of vineyards:

258 The offer of some hot tea when you’re not feeling so well 🙂

259 Sympathy

260 Compassion