Monday Gratitude on Tuesday?

Well, it’s Tuesday and my beautiful daughters #1 and #2 reminded me that I did not do my Monday gratitude post.

Yesterday was a stormy day for me, storm clouds looming around and coming from all directions…
276 Storm clouds
277 Storms
278 Cleansing rain
279 Cleansing tears
280 The thunder of God’s voice
281 The tender pitter-patter of comforting words

Last night we watched Pollyanna…
282 The Glad Game…And that brings me back to Gratitude Monday…

One of my most precious gifts is my #3 son…
283 Jeremy

284 Jeremy little….Does a smile get cuter than that?

286 Jeremy’s peak experiences…He really is dangerously adventurous…

287 Jeremy’s bubbles…He is also very artistic and observant…

288 He also has an incredible ear for music…

289 Speaking of storms Jeremy and his brother Caleb wrote the song Storms of Life

The wind started blowing and the sky got all dark,
The hail came down and put a dent in my car.
That dent was a lesson that I’ll not forget,
It cost a little money but that wasn’t it.
Things don’t happen just how we plan
‘Cause God’s plan is different, please understand.


Storms of life… Gonna get tough but you have to trust
God will suffice……….. Cause everything always goes wrong just right.

I woke up in the morning at 7 AM
Then looked at the clock and it’s half past ten.
The weather was okay but I had to complain
Now I’m driving to work and it’s pouring down rain
100mph in a 35 zone,
The rain’s not as pretty behind steel bars and stone.


As I’m on my knees it’s amazing to me
The things God seems to send my way
I had to cancel my appointment, had a dent in my car
And took a little time to think behind those steel bars
Well, He sent those storms as lesson you see
So that His good will, will show through me.


Last night there was a full moon…reminds me of this beautiful photo Jeremy took out in Colorado…

290 Full moon
291 Warmer temperatures
292 Frogs singing at night outside my bedroom…

Check out these incredible frogs…

293 The beautiful ponds John made that are the home for the frogs 🙂
294 The gold fish

295 The amazing property of water that when it freezes the ice is on the top of the water so the fish can live underneath…
296 The amazing endless thoughts of Yahweh in even the tiniest things in creation…
297 His thoughts toward us…each one of us…
298 That He will not forget us…
299 That He will not forsake us…
300 I am so grateful for all my children…they are precious to me and precious in the sight of the Almighty!

holy experience