Let’s Make Some Headway on Gratitude :)

OK, I’m going to get serious about gratitude and try to make some headway and get to 400…

351 Chocolate chips

Anna is in the kitchen at this very moment making peanut butter/chocolate chip cookies and after a hard day at work they all deserve a treat…

352 Peanut Butter…not just any kind, but our favorite is Smucker’s Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter, and it has to be crunchy.
353 peanuts

354 The invention of peanut butter ~ what was that man’s name? He’s a hero of ours, cause we love peanut butter…

355 “Oh, yeah”, says Anna from the kitchen after asking Sarah…George Washington Carver …we really appreciate him!

356 Hugs… Anna just told me about the little boy she did Reading-Riders with today. It was the first time she had worked with him and he ran up and gave her a big hug!

357 The sound of feet coming down the stairs… do you know that everyone has a different rhythm of coming down the stairs?

358 The sound “WHEW!”…It’s Caleb coming in the door after shoveling dirt out of a trailer.

359 Something we really take for granted ~ water running out of the faucet into the sink…washing dirty hands.

360 Sweat..another comment from Caleb…he sweat more today unloading the trailer than at work. Sweat is a really good thing, but something we don’t usually like to talk about. Do you know that some people can’t sweat? I know 2 personally…

361 A’s on tests…Tera just told me she got an A Yay!

362 She also showed me the design of their new business card ~ Business cards…a really helpful way of getting work.

363 Design ~ some people are so gifted in this area ~ Tera being one of them, but I have seen such beautiful blog designs online…

364 Beautiful blogs…I never thought blogging could be so fun …sharing thoughts and pics with lovely people.

365 My husband coming up behind me and giving me a hug…

366 Today I took pictures of my gardens ~ everything is coming out so beautifully.

367 Irises

368 Hostas

369 Ferns

370 Faux strawberries…I forget what they are called …little yellow flowers that bring forth little red berries… so sweet, but not to eat…

371 Impatience ~ I love this plant because it is color in shade and I have so much shade.

372 Fergus MacDoogal ~ have you met him yet? He loves gardening, especially grabbing hold of the rakes and shovels, digging in the ground, biting my braid when I’m kneeling down to plant something, and his newest thing is to get right in front of the camera…

373 Jeremy just came around the corner as Anna was taking the cookies out of the oven and she yelled, “Don’t Look!” They have this ongoing thing of not eating sugar … I wonder if he will give in?

374 Jeremy making popping noises, cause he’s tired? They did work hard today…

375 I’m half way there, maybe I’ll make it…Scrabble

376 Sage and I have an ongoing Scrabble game going… 4 at one time…Someday I hope I can beat her…

377 Was that a hint of competitiveness in me? That can’t be all bad…: )

378 She just popped up in a chat saying YT…that means …Your Turn

379 Just watched a video of the flood in Tennessee… what can I say but I’m thankful it is not flooding here.

380 Our wonderful friends who live in Tennessee and are coming to visit us in a few weeks! I’m so excited!

381 And at the same time some wonderful friends from Washington will be coming by~ it will be quite the party.

382 The Stage ~ hopefully we will have a concert on the Stage…it has been too long…

383 All the bands we met when we were playing music~ what great people!

384 Music ~ my favorite to listen to right now is a CD that Sage and Tera brought back from Hawaii called Makana. ..beautiful instrumentals.

385 The harmonies during praise and worship…

386 Mother’s Day ~ this day is special to me because I have so many children and because I love my mother and because I know so many beautiful mothers…Happy Mother’s Day all you moms!

387 Recipes~ Sarah, our gourmet cook, came home from Europe wanting to try some of the recipes that she tasted over there and guess who gets to taste them…us!

388 I’ll never lose weight…how can I be thankful for that? Well, as I get older and it is harder to lose anything, except my glasses. I think I’m reaching a point of maybe acceptance? Because I can’t do anything about it?

389 I sure don’t need to buy new clothes…I’m getting very content in my old ones and I don’t enjoy shopping, because I’m such a strange shape now, so nothing fits anyway…

390 So, Kerststol , a bread that Sarah and Anna had for breakfast in the Netherlands we found this cute blog here with the recipe.

See Sarah’s recipe here

391 Begium Waffles ~ Sarah made these for us with strawberries and whipping cream

392 Strawberries
393 Whipping cream

394 One thing I always told my husband that I didn’t want my yard to turn into was a mechanic’s car lot…well, guess what ? My adorable son John did this to me…

395 It doesn’t seem to matter so much anymore. I guess that comes with getting older…

396 Caleb growls coming down the stairs

397 My daughter Tera rooting me on in my blog post …can you believe it I only have 3 to go…

398 Interior Painters ~ Making the world more colorful one wall at a time ~ Motto By Sage

399 “We come as painters, and leave as friends.”… another one by Sage

400 Yay! I made it ! Did you read all the way through this? Congratulations! You are a wonderful person!

401…One more by Caleb, “Mom’s hugs are the best!”

402 Anonymous said, “I could eat all these cookies, there are 13 left, but we must always practice self-control , so I’ll only eat half.” I bet you can’t guess who said that?

403 Dad grilled steak tonight…yummmmm!

404 Mac says, “Bye, for now!”