Coffee ~ Thankfulness 500 Things ~Half Way to 1000

492 That morning cup of coffee…

493 Coffee is one of the major sources of earnings for many people in developing countries…

“Coffee’s importance in the global economy cannot be overstressed. As one of the most valuable primary commodities in world trade, coffee in many years has been second only to oil as a source of foreign exchange to developing countries. Its cultivation, processing, trading, transportation and marketing provide millions of people with employment worldwide. Coffee is vital to the economies and politics of many developing countries and accounts for a substantial portion of many of the world’s Least Developed Countries’ foreign exchange earnings, in some cases even over 80%.” ~ From a study done by students at Duke University

494 Coffee beans

495 The wonderful aroma of roasted coffee beans ~ I just received a gift of freshly roasted beans ~I mean roasted at home from green coffee beans~ from a dear friend…they made the absolutely best brew I’ve ever had!!!
Thank you, Mike!:)

496 Coffee beans on the vine

497 Great people of all ages who pick coffee

498 Baskets of freshly picked coffee beans

499 Beautiful designs

500 Hearts…

There is so much to know about coffee…it can be mind-bloggling…

I’m just thankful for my morning cup of coffee. 🙂