Thankful for Daughters!!!!

I have four of the most wonderfully beautiful and talented daughters ever! I am so thankful for each of them and I know that I do not show my appreciation for them nearly enough.

See their blog here

So I’m going to be thankful for each of the many talents they have right here for everyone to read…
501 Sage

502 Her love for people.
503 The sunshine she brings into our live.
504 Her “sage” wisdom to counsel.
505 Her talent in writing…see her journal here
506 Singing harmonies that make our praise and worship time heavenly.
507 She’s a great MC ~ we couldn’t have done the band without her many talents in speaking…and reaching out to others.
508 She’s a hard and willing worker.
509 Willingness to do kind things for others no matter how uncomfortable it is for her.
510 Talents in directing and filmmaking…

511 Tera

512 Her servant heart!
513 Her cheerful countenance!
514 Her beautiful laugh!
515 She’s also a hard and willing worker.
516 Artistic in photography and painting.
517 An eye for beauty and color.
518 Diligent in her perseverance of perfection in her studies.
519 Deep spiritual insight and the talent to put it into words. Read an example her beautiful posts here
520 A loyal friend!
521 Sensitive and sincere!
522 I miss her beautiful cello playing!
523 Always willing to listen and give excellent counsel.

524 Sarah

525 What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Sarah…she’s an amazing gourmet cook!
See her Stir It Up blog here.
526 She’s obviously also gifted with words and can write great posts.
527 Not only great posts, but incredible spiritual insight…here’s an example
528 She’s not afraid of controversy!
529 An artist…See her art blog here
530 She has one of the most beautiful voices and we are blessed to hear it often as she hums and sings going about her daily chores.
531 A gift of organization.
532 A love for children…
533 A beautiful song writer…look here for an example of her lyrics.

535 Anna

536 The sweetest girl you’d ever hope to meet.
537 Works hard in the garden and yard and also in the ranch work God has blessed her with.
538 Loves children…
539 Sporty
540 Also an incredible writer and photographer…
541 Caring and sensitive…
542 I hear her mandolin occasionally …the melodies floating down the staircase…
543 Her beautiful voice singing “In Christ Alone”
544 Honest
545 and Helpful
546 and Wholesome
547 and Lovely
548 Also has deep spiritual insight and a talented writer …but I can’t find an example online???

And this is not all …but this is my tribute to the 4 jewels that adorn our household with their beauty and grace and giving…

549 How blessed we are to know them…how blessed I am by them…
550 Thank You Father for daughters : )