I’m Yours and You’re mine!

What a beautiful time we had with the Jost family. The concert was amazing…

There we were, expecting them on our outdoor stage, it had rained the day before, there was rain in the forecast…

The kitchen was full of the wonderful smell of Sage’s delectable chocolate chip cookies, Grandma had already sent over her famous Hello Dollies, everything was prepared…

Rain?… Was it raining? No, certainly not, but those sure looked like raindrops…

The rain stopped the wind picked up, and evening came… a beautiful night, full moon, quiet stillness, coolness in the air…a perfect night for a concert!

The Jostie’s blessed us over and over again, the laryngitis that Lisa (mother extraordinaire), and daughter Emily were struggling with couldn’t possibly overpower the beauty of their voices. Dale (father extraordinaire) and son Josiah had wonderful things to say about Jesus, faith, marriage, purity, family, children, happiness, the good things, the true things, the things we need to keep our minds focused on.

Lisa writes and composes all their music, and what struck me, being a mom and a song writer myself, was her relationship with Jesus. Her words, “You are the story of my life. I’m nothing without you…It’s Your blood in the pen, and Your love in my heart…I’m Yours and You’re mine!

I know the feeling when I wrote… “It’s You, You are the master of my life, It’s You that I desire, in adoration I come before you… It’s You, Who fills me with Your love, It’s You that lights the way, in humbleness I kneel before You…”

Andrew Murray wrote, “Oh, the thought to have God all alone to myself, and to know that God has me all alone to Himself!”

And George Matheson, “My soul, practice being alone with Christ!…Hast thou ever pictured thyself the one remaining creature in all the starry worlds? In such a universe thine every thought would be ” God and I! God and I!” And yet He is as near to thee as that ~ as near as if in the boundless spaces there throbbed no heart but His and thine.”

I could go on and on about the gifts and talents and love of this family, but I better stop here and just say thank you…

Thank you for the encouragement
Thank you for being faithful
Thank you for all your hard work
Thank you for sharing your lives
Thank you for being honest
Thank you for being humble
Thank you for sharing messages that are not popular
Thank you for focusing on Jesus
Thank you for singing even though you were sick
Thank you for being overcomers
Thank you for giving
Thank you for shining the light of Christ
Thank you for not complaining
Thank you for the example you are setting for others
Thank you for making us laugh
Thank you for making us cry
Thank you for the love…

Thank you…Dale, Lisa, Josiah, Joel, Emily, Jeremiah, Joseph, Josh, Amy Joy, Hannah Grace, and Judas. You are all wonderful and amazing and real!

Visit their website here...The Josties

Top two photos by Jeremy
Gratitude 651- 680

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