For God Is For Me ~ Gratitude

When I cry unto Thee, then shall mine enemies turn back: this I know; for God is for me.”-Psalm 56:9

It seems today that we are surrounded by enemies on every side, but knowing that the God of all Creation is our defender, our deliverer, and if we cry unto Him our enemies will turn back…

How I praise Him with thankfulness!!!

He is for us, not against us…what glory, what honor!

I am His and He is mine, and I praise Him with thanksgiving!

A long journey, my youngest son setting off for the first time alone, I am thankful for his safety.


I remember we would go on family ski trips in the winter with the amazing grandfather who skied majestically on one leg, the other one having been shorn off in a train accident when he was 19. He had difficulty walking, but when he got on skis, he was free…

My little ones would begin to ski shortly after they could walk and I would watch them go up the ski lift for the first time, terrified that they would fall off. It was always the first time… after that, the fear and apprehension seemed to go away.

And the feeling is so similar the first time they venture off for awhile alone. And this youngest one is the last one in my life…the last first…and I am thankful that he is safe. That Yahweh has been merciful to him and to me.

My praying friend sent me a video link yesterday about the effect youth ministries have had on families. I am thankful for those men who are speaking out as truth is revealed to them and those who are willing to move on and confess when they have heeded to man rather than scripture.

Watch Divided the Movie here…DIVIDED

Also for these young film makers who are trying to make a difference…thank you!

Sweet little tiny precious hands, holding, grasping, clenching together…


Do they make you smile?

My daughter loves crayons…has always loved crayons…and blessed me with this link…COLOURlovers


Aren’t the colors marvelous?

Speaking of colors, my other daughter has been doing collages with photos she has taken, if you haven’t seen them yet, go to her blog… Something Sage

Here is one she did for me…

Thankful for all the God-given talent and creativity I see all around me.

The heat is outrageous here in the south these past five weeks… almost every day 3 digit temperatures… trying to keep the garden alive as everything is wilting around us. Even the leaves in the trees are turning yellow prematurely…and I will find thankfulness in knowing that someday there will be no heat…

They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more; neither shall the sun light on them, nor any heat.” Revelation 7:16

Also, I’m so thankful for Young Living Thieves Oil. It actually suppresses the itching and torment of chigger and tick bites.


But I confess that I have not found a place of thankfulness for these tormenting pests… I just hate them!

They are my enemies …

No beautifully quiet and calm evening walks in the hollyhocks for me, as I read on another blog post. I will cry out to God as I walk in my garden and perhaps these evil creatures will turn away from me! It is true that I haven’t tried this yet, perhaps it will work.

Also much, much gratitude for open doors…after many years of waiting for an open door, and  a whisper from the Holy Spirit…”This is the way for you to go”… my daughter Sarah is off on a new journey. Hopefully she will be blogging about it!

Beautiful smiles…dreams fulfilled…. Rejoicing!!!

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