I thought this was very well said and very needful to hear today in the perilous times we are living in.

Deeper Still...

It’s everywhere now.

In the news, magazines, clothing styles, websites, blogs, WordPress’s Freshly Pressed, schools, downtown, uptown…like I said, everywhere.

Anyone opposed to it is painted as a hate monger…or worse. Some people will skirt around the topic any way they can, even if it means a detour to Timbuktu and back. Why jump into that fire if you can avoid it?

In order to be accepted, you have to accept it.

Only “close-minded bigots” will refuse to embrace it.

Big companies back it with millions in spite of boycotts that arise from it. Other big companies get bashed for merely choosing not to condone it.

It’s unavoidable… it’s an in-your-face kind of everywhere.

It’s homosexuality.

So why is it in-your-face everywhere? Why do they care if someone doesn’t accept their lifestyle? Why do they get so angry when Chick-Fil-A voices a different opinion? Or when anyone, for that matter…

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