Continuing Gratitude…1,000 gifts

It has been so long since I posted my 1,000 gifts, and the crazy thing is that I am almost at my goal…so continuing from Unending Gratitude 


“Driftwood” by Janice Sheehan

I’ve always loved driftwood…so many shapes…so many sizes and I love to feel the  smoothness of the wood that has been washed over and over in the water and the waves. Here are a few amazing things that I found online that creative  people have made out of driftwood…

Driftwood Succulent Garden from Viva Terra

Driftwood Mirror ~ Tilly’s Cottage


love these creative projects

walking on the shoreline in the early morning

ducks flying


my favorite old pier

pink clouds

writing scriptures in sand


people who have talents that are amazing like
Gracious May

and Snugars

I can’t get over how adorable these clothes are, how talented this family is…how amazing Rachel is with her photography and what an encourager she is…what a blessing and what an incredible family!

And I am going to get to buy something from them for my new grand-daughter coming in January!

new grand-daughter

first grand-daughter and first grandson


a fruitful garden

terra cotta pots

old vintage industrial tables

wood chips

spiderlilies ~ photo by Sage

our well that never runs dry

oil of joy

garment of praise

people who think out of the box

candles photo by Anna

Fall Celebration over at Shiloh Photography

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