Multitude Mondays ~ Final Fifteen

My Final Fifteen gifts…I started this a long time ago…back in January of 2010.

Ann Voskamp who was the originator of counting 1,000 gifts, is on 4430 the last time I looked. I would say that is determination or maybe conviction. Not only that, but in these past couple of  years she has written a book…one thousand gifts

And today I found this video about her on her blog…

That’s where finding gratitude in 1,000 gifts started for me and I’m sure for thousands and thousands of others. Truly amazing.

Anna beat me by finishing her 1,000 gifts, but she also spurred me on to finish mine.

986 A daughter who motivates me to walk/run and finish things : )

987 Watching the wind move the trees all around me as I sit and type this in the living room.

988 A gifted son who does incredible carpentry, but also has an incredible heart to be content in where the Lord has him. He just walked in the door. ❤

989 The same son who coaches volleyball and tells his players that they can not drink “Monster” drinks, because he is concerned about their health.

990 A wonderful husband who just walked in the door after a hard day at work and kissed me. ❤

991 Another wonderful son who is more interested in “seeking the Kingdom first” and seeing how God has provided for him.

992 This same son showing me his metal reclamation piles…one for aluminum…one for lead…one for steal…one for copper…he makes quite a haul recycling these metals and it shows (senior moment…can’t think of the word right now…I’ll come back later).

993 Another daughter who just got swept in the door by the wind, always with a smile on her face after a hard day at work.

994 Dinner time…because we all gather together after going in all directions to thank God and eat the wonderful meal He has provided.

995 The wonderful cooks in our house… here is one…amazing chef…Stir It Up!

996 The daughter that is not here, but is doing an incredible work taking care of my mother…she’s an amazing writer…Fresh Appreciation

997 Acoustic Eidolon’s new album with Tera’s metal art in the CD cover.

998 Tera graduating from Rhodec Interior Design school ~ Congratulations, Tera!

999 The strength and health that I have been blessed with to do all the things I do.

1000  Always my number one praise forever and forever is Yahshua, Who will never leave me or forsake me, no matter what happens in life. I pray that I can always remember to praise Him for all things every day.