Reblog: Linger No More

This is an excellent message from JD Blom at  A Devoted Life  that I hope everyone will read…

“Remember Lot’s wife.  Whoever seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will keep it.” Luke 17:32-33

Shin Dong-hyuk grew up in a North Korean prison camp.  He was not serving a term in that camp due to crimes that he had committed.  He was born there.  He was serving a term called “three generations of punishment”.  This is a punishment for political prisoners in which parent, children, and grandchildren, serve life prison terms in these forced labor camps.

The only existence that Shin knew was that of the bleakness of Camp 14.

Shin told how he did not know there was a world outside the prison wires.  He did not know that the world was flat, round or square.  He did not know there was a United States of America or other countries.  All he knew was his existence of perpetual work in forced-labor factories, fields, or mines.  The only life he had ever known was one of constant hunger and exposure. A life were fellow prisoners were executed for “offences” such as hoarding a few kernels of corn and where inmates were starved to make them “repent”. It was a place where he was tortured at the age of 13 for his mother and brother being accused of trying to escape.

That was his life.  He said: “I just thought that those people who carry guns were born to carry guns and prisoners like me were born as prisoners.”

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