be 4warned -this post is very random.


it's a journey.

Last night tornadoes tore apart Oklahoma, yet again. But from the top of our hill it was only beautiful. Thunder rumbled, lightning flashed, the rain was soft, gentle and sporadic.  The storm hadn’t yet reached us. Image

To live in this world, but not be of it; to not love it, nor the things of it; to be separate from it…pretty much equals a life long battle. A fight for purity. I’ve been thinking about purity -about how people have given up the fight for it. I think social media makes it even more obvious. There’s no shame, no standard. They have given up the fight to “be holy as I AM holy.” Because as the world tugs and pulls, as it becomes more and more reprobate and evil, our standards slip too. It might be the hardest fight we have to fight here. But I know it is worth it. Please…

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