I believe in a God of wonders…

Through My Eyes

I believe in a God of wonders.

I believe in a God that makes and keeps promises.

I believe in a God that loves us.

I believe in a God that is all knowing, all powerful, and always there.

As I drove to work this morning I couldn’t help but notice the cloud formations, the scattered sun rays, the breath of rain, the singing bird, all pointing to a detailed Creator. I believe He is God.

I bought my coffee from the radiant lady with the gentle eye and the growing baby bump. I believe God knows that baby right now and knows everything about that baby and it’s heart. I believe in a God that is life giving.

When doubts come and sprinkle shadows, when fear paralyzes, when life looks bleak, there is still God. He shines light, gives love to cast out fear, and renews our spirit. I…

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