Choosing Our Allegiance by Leslie Ludy



I thought this post by Leslie Ludy is very relevant  for these times…


The Bible describes a time when the people of Israel had to make a choice about which king they would serve–David or Saul. Though David was God’s chosen king for Israel, he had been forced to run for his life and was reduced to living in a cave. Saul was still in control of the kingdom. He was obsessed with finding and killing David, and anyone showing loyalty to “the cave-dwelling outlaw” would be guilty of treason and put to death.

Those who were willing to remain under Saul’s rule could enjoy an easy, comfortable life, free from persecution and hardship. But there were some who refused to choose their own comfort over loyalty to the one true king. They had become dissatisfied serving a false king. They knew that choosing to serve David would mean leaving their security and comforts behind, and choosing a life of difficulty over a life of ease. To join David in the cave meant living in exile, having a rock for a pillow, and being on Saul’s “most wanted” list. Yet, these men were so discontent living under Saul’s control that they became willing to give up their very lives in order to serve the one true king. So they made the courageous choice to go to David and pledge their lives to his service (1 Sam 22:2).

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