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Even Unto Death ~ Audrey Assad

be 4warned -this post is very random.

Originally posted on it's a journey.:
Last night tornadoes tore apart Oklahoma, yet again. But from the top of our hill it was only beautiful. Thunder rumbled, lightning flashed, the rain was…

Oklahoma Tornado

My son and his family live in Moore…He is a horse trainer, and his wife is a vet. They have two adorable children, of course. The sky was dark, the thunder was rumbling…We… Continue reading

A Gift From a Thorn

I prayed for an eagle That soars above all In his glory and strength. HE gave me a red heart Hanging from thorns Illuminated by the Sun. Reblogged from It’s a journey. I… Continue reading

Comfort of Love

How beautiful is the comfort of the saints. How loving and kind to give from their hearts to comfort someone who has lost a loved one. I am in awe of this beautiful… Continue reading

Multitude Mondays ~ Final Fifteen

My Final Fifteen gifts…I started this a long time ago…back in January of 2010. Ann Voskamp who was the originator of counting 1,000 gifts, is on 4430 the last time I looked. I… Continue reading

Continuing Gratitude…1,000 gifts

It has been so long since I posted my 1,000 gifts, and the crazy thing is that I am almost at my goal…so continuing from Unending Gratitude¬†… driftwood “Driftwood” by Janice Sheehan I’ve… Continue reading

A Lesson on Focus

I grabbed my camera and headed out the door for my usual walk. My focus today was to get pictures of the final fall foliage as I know that any day now, this… Continue reading

Shadows of Things to Come ~ Gratitude

I have really been intrigued with shadows of late… In my paintings they stream across pathways and under bushes… I’ve also realized that when I’m out walking in the early morning with the… Continue reading

New Mercies Every Morning ~ Gratitude

Walking by the lake with my incredible daughter…the quietness of an early Sunday morning, such a blessing to be there…with her…she’s such an encouragement to me…such an inspiration… She told me her list… Continue reading