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Arise, Get Up and Go To the Potter’s House…

I have a great lesson to teach you there… I went down to the potter’s house…in the center stood a large wheel and all around there were shelves with clay pots …some were… Continue reading

Expression of Grief

We all experience grief in our lives…death of a loved one, a prodigal child, separation from a friend, divorce, loss of a job etc. The list goes on and on. It changes our… Continue reading

Time With the Little People

I was visited by the little people and their sweetness left a host of love and and child-like grace in this place… They fed my fish and took little black tadpoles out of… Continue reading

Take a Moment to Leave a Treasure

I have been thinking a lot about mothers lately and what an opportunity we have to cultivate lives that desire God. I have had the joy of connecting with my third cousin. A… Continue reading

a study on the word ~stand~ part 6

~COVENANT~ A covenant is a coming together, a meeting or agreement of minds. “The covenant of redemption is the mutual agreement between the Father and Son, respecting the redemption of sinners by Christ.… Continue reading

a study on the word ~stand~part 2

Reading “Mornings With Tozer” today confirmed what I wrote yesterday, so I thought I would add it here as a side note: Christ As He Really Is…One like unto the Son of man…out… Continue reading