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Thankfulness~1000 Gifts

For two days last week I struggled… Should I? Should I not? Should I? Should I not? Checking my motivation in a very complicated circumstance… 336 My conscience “Now the end of the… Continue reading

Ashes ~ Repentance

This may seem like a strange post, but we are living in strange times, perilous times according to Paul in his letter to Timothy… “This know also, that in the last days perilous… Continue reading

Chocolate Pudding

Sarah and Anna are in Brugge, Belgium famous for CHOCOLATE…. So, as they are spending their day walking through the beautiful vintage town of Brugge in Europe, The Chocolate Corner Brugge, Belgium Oil… Continue reading

Gratitude~1000 Gifts

My two beautiful daughters #3 and #4 are leaving for 2 weeks to go to Europe tomorrow. The three of us just spent some time helping #4 pack. 324 Special times with my… Continue reading

Monday ~Gratitude

As Christians we all have different callings. I pray that we will all fight the good fight and live our lives as Christ would want us to. Sometimes there are those extraordinary people… Continue reading

Storms of Life ~Streams in the Desert

The wind was contrary. Matthew 14:24 Rude and blustering the winds of March often are. Do they not typify the tempestuous seasons of my life? But, indeed, I ought to Be glad that… Continue reading

Monday Gratitude on Tuesday?

Well, it’s Tuesday and my beautiful daughters #1 and #2 reminded me that I did not do my Monday gratitude post. Yesterday was a stormy day for me, storm clouds looming around and… Continue reading

Thankfulness~1000 Gifts

261 The first day of spring… 262 A blizzard in Oklahoma… 263 Six inches of snow… 264 Throwing sunflowers seeds out for the birds… 265 – 270 Cardinals…Bluejays…Woodpeckers…Goldfinches…Tufted Titmouse Birds…Juncos God has made… Continue reading

Being Thankful ~ Monday Blues

I’ve been trying to compile the songs we have written into a hymnal, and the first one is Sarah’s song Another Chance about a vine dresser going into the vineyard to prune the… Continue reading

a study on the word ~stand~ conclusion

Pilgrim’s Progress is one of my favorite books…a friend of mine sent this to me knowing that I was doing a study on the word STAND, so I want to include her addition… Continue reading