What Can I Say?

These past two weeks I have witnessed such a remarkable outpouring of love and blessing. One of the most profound blessings in a life with Christ is fellowship with the saints, and when… Continue reading


Giotto di Bondone 1290 Considering a quote from Tozer: “The miraculous events wrought in Jerusalem by the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost indicated to the disciples that Jesus Christ, the Messiah… Continue reading

Time With the Little People

I was visited by the little people and their sweetness left a host of love and and child-like grace in this place… They fed my fish and took little black tadpoles out of… Continue reading

Take a Moment to Leave a Treasure

I have been thinking a lot about mothers lately and what an opportunity we have to cultivate lives that desire God. I have had the joy of connecting with my third cousin. A… Continue reading

Let’s Make Some Headway on Gratitude :)

OK, I’m going to get serious about gratitude and try to make some headway and get to 400… 351 Chocolate chips Anna is in the kitchen at this very moment making peanut butter/chocolate… Continue reading

Thankfulness~1000 Gifts

345 I am thankful for all the ways that our heavenly Father speaks to us… 346 For the Holy Spirit that teaches us all things… I am not a Catholic, but at one… Continue reading

The Highländlers

Oh, for the old paths… The Highländlers is a performing team of dancers and musicians from the United States, keeping alive the folk traditions of our European heritage. The Highländlers — International Folk… Continue reading

Thankfulness~1000 Gifts

For two days last week I struggled… Should I? Should I not? Should I? Should I not? Checking my motivation in a very complicated circumstance… 336 My conscience “Now the end of the… Continue reading

Ashes ~ Repentance

This may seem like a strange post, but we are living in strange times, perilous times according to Paul in his letter to Timothy… “This know also, that in the last days perilous… Continue reading

Chocolate Pudding

Sarah and Anna are in Brugge, Belgium famous for CHOCOLATE…. So, as they are spending their day walking through the beautiful vintage town of Brugge in Europe, The Chocolate Corner Brugge, Belgium Oil… Continue reading