Gratitude~1000 Gifts

My two beautiful daughters #3 and #4 are leaving for 2 weeks to go to Europe tomorrow. The three of us just spent some time helping #4 pack.

324 Special times with my daughters

#3 is very organized…Her suitcase which converts to a backpack is so efficient. I’m so impressed. Everything down to the very last detail, her one dilemma was her bag seemed a little too heavy.

325 The gift of organization

#4 has been working hard all day and had just kind of thrown a few things together on top of her pack, but the thought of putting it all together seemed overwhelming, so we gathered upstairs in her room to help her…

326 The gift of helping

I’m so excited for them. They have planned this for months. Yahweh has worked out all the details and even a little extra money for them through work and generosity.

327 The gift of giving

328 The blessing of receiving

329 Knowing that God has them in the palm of Hand 🙂

I took this photo of #3 daughter 10 years ago. She used to love horses and kind of got away from that, but it’s interesting that she is grooming horses now of late…

Playing guitar…

330 The gift of music

331 The gift of a beautiful voice

332 The gift of playing an instrument

333 The gift of composing music

334 The gift of writing lyrics

335 Sarah ❤

holy experience