God’s Gift of Silence

follow the light


God’s gifts don’t usually come wrapped in pretty paper and sparkling bows. Sometimes we have to grow to see the gifts God has given to us.

Consider when it seems God is silent in your life. This is frustrating to us. It may seem like God has gone on an extended vacation and we’re not sure when He will be back. As my husband continues to look for work, it seems that God has been silent, and has not been responsive to our prayers. Deep down, I know that’s not the case.

Looking back, I can see the faithfulness of God throughout my life. The lasts few months are such a brief period of time in comparison. Maybe I’m looking at God’s silence the wrong way. Maybe God’s silence is a gift.

In God’s silence, we need to trust Him even more. Consider John chapter 11, when Lazarus died…

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