Thankful for Heritage ~1,000 Gifts

Midsommardans by Anders Zorn 1897

My mother is Swedish and in Sweden they celebrate Midsommar. This celebration usually heralds the longest day, or the summer solstice, as the earth passes closest to the sun on its continual elliptical orbit. Swedish dancers will dress in their traditional garb and dance around a flowered bedecked Maypole, now why they call it a Maypole in June, I don’t know…

Notice all the blue and yellow flowers…For those of you who do not know, the colors of Sweden are blue and yellow…

We were invited to attend the 4Oth annual meeting of the Georgetown Colorado Historical Society and the event was celebrated Scandinavian Midsommar style replete with Swedish flag, Maypole bedecked with Swedish colors of blue and yellow and most fabulous of all traditional Scandinavian food. And it took place at the famous Hamill House lawn.

When I grew up my mother kept us in touch with Swedish traditions, but when we visited our grandparents in Sweden we experienced real Swedish hospitality and real Swedish food.

Filling our plates with red new potatoes, herring and sour cream, my grandfather showed us how to pick up the potato with our fork in our left hand, put a slice of herring on top of that, and a dollop of sour cream and then European style lift the fork up to your mouth, still in the left hand, and place the combo in your mouth. The flavors meld and the experience is unforgettable, and I guess if you have Swedish blood in you…it becomes a very favorite food.

No Swedish meal is complete without knäckebröd (hard crisp bread) and lots of butter and cheese…

465 Whispers of the life of our ancestors
466 Sweden~ a great country ~a great people
467 Sky blue
468 Bright yellow
469 Blue and yellow flowers
470 Swedish fiddlers
471 Swedish dancers
472 Swedish costumes
473 Celebrations
474 Cheese
475 Knäckebröd
476 Butter
477 Herring
478 Salmon
479 Sour cream
480 Deviled eggs
481 Dill all over everything
482 Cucumber salad
483 Swedish Decorations
484 The hands that prepared the smorgasbord ~Kirsten, Wendy, Patti and I’m sure many more…
485 The Georgetown Historical Society
486 People preserving the past for the generations to come
487 The wonderful little historic mining town of Georgetown
488 The incredible people who live there
489 Swedish music
490 Swedish Beverages…

The beverage table…

The flower arrangements were gorgeous…

Can’t forget the little people… filling the cooler with ice…

This is a painting of the old farmhouse of my ancestors in Sweden and you can see some of them standing there…

And today is my mother’s 91st birthday…

Happy Birthday, Mom!

491 Thankful for my mom 🙂